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The following topics contains the working (but unverified an unedited!) Win32 program examples used in our class for Win32 programming subject. Those notes and program examples were extracted from the MSDN, removing a lot of cross references and more focused. We are more concerned on the code samples. Hence, step-by-step is presented for all the code recompilation and instructors have tried their best to make sure those programs have output samples. For any missing information, please refer to MSDN online documentation. Take note that, the slides used in your class just an entry level. You must study the code samples to grasp the skills. The fundamental of C programming skills should be required and you can have a 'refreshment' at C hands-on programming zone.

This is Windows system programming from users point of view. The computer used to build the code samples is Windows XP Pro SP2 using Visual Studio Community Edition [previously Express Edition(free)] and Full versions (free trial) with PSDK installed. What you compile is what you get. Those code examples compiled as Unicode and the previous/ANSI version can be found at Win32 ANSI version. Be nice to Win32 and enjoy coding!

  1. The Win32 Windows Volume Programming

  2. The Win32 Windows Disk Programming

  3. The Win32 Windows Directory Programming

  4. The Windows Win32 File Management Programming

  5. The Windows Services Win32 Programming

  6. Some Things About Exceptions Handling in Windows Win32 Programming

  7. The Windows Registry Win32 Programming

  8. The Windows Processes and Threads

  9. The Windows Character Mode Application Win32 Programming



  1. The Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Win32 Programming

  2. The Windows Process Status Helpers APIs Programming

  3. The Windows Thread Synchronization Win32 Programming

  4. The Windows Process Tool Help Library Win32 Programming

  5. The Windows Station & Desktop Win32 Programming

  6. An Intro to Windows Socket 2 (Winsock2) Programming

  7. An Intro to Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Programming

  8. The Win32 Network Management APIs Programming

  9. The Windows Security: Access Control List (ACL) Programming





The content of this hands-on tutorial concentrates on three parts:

  1. The Windows system programming from user point of view.

  2. The Windows socket (an introduction and a complete tutorial can be found at Windows network programming with C and C++/VB .NET/C#) and

  3. Windows driver development - WDK (an introduction).

The following links provide the completed Visual C++ sample projects used in this tutorial for all sessions to be downloaded as guides for your practice. Take note for the Visual Studio/C++ project environment settings for those project to be built and run successfully. Please ask your labs' instructors for any clarification.




The code samples direct links available at: Win32 Working Program Example Index Page

The pdf version (not updated!)can be downloaded at Win32 Programming Tutorials



The Windows OS Binary Compatible Open Source Project: ReactOS  (external)



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Install, Build and Debug ReactOS: A Hands-on Practice


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