Win32 Windows Volume Programming






What do we have in this session?

In this session we will learn the programming environment setup (VC++) that will be used throughout the tutorial. We will learn the Windows volume, disk/drive, directory and Master File Table (MFT) will working program examples to demonstrate the use of Windows APIs. Take note that the MFT program examples use the undocumented Windows APIs.

  1. Some Notes to Students

  2. Environment for the Program Examples (Build and Run)

  3. Brief Introduction

  4. File System Recognition

  5. File System Recognition Components and Use

  6. Computing a File System Recognition Checksum Code Snippet

  7. Obtaining File System Recognition Information Example

  8. Naming a Volume

  9. Enumerating Volumes

  10. Enumerating Volume GUID Paths Example

  11. Obtaining Volume Information Program Example

  12. Getting the System Information Program Example

  13. Another Basic Windows System Information Program Example

  14. Getting Logical Drive Program Example

  15. Getting the Logical Drive String Program Example

  16. Getting Drive Type Program Example

  17. Change Journals

  18. Change Journal Records

  19. Using the Change Journal Identifier

  20. Creating, Modifying, and Deleting a Change Journal

  21. Obtaining a Volume Handle for Change Journal Operations

  22. Change Journal Operations

  23. Walking a Buffer of Change Journal Records

  24. Walking a Buffer of Change Journal Records Program Example




  1. Mounted Folders (drives)

  2. How to create a mounted drive

  3. How to remove a mounted drive

  4. Creating Mounted Folders Programmatically

  5. Enumerating Mounted Folders Program

  6. Determining Whether a Directory Is a Mounted Folder

  7. Assigning a Drive Letter to a Volume

  8. Mounted Folder Functions

  9. General-Purpose Mounted Folder Functions

  10. Volume-Scanning Functions

  11. Mounted Folder Scanning Functions

  12. Mounted Folder Program Examples

  13. Displaying Volume Paths Program Example

  14. Editing Drive Letter Assignments Program Example

  15. Creating a Mounted Folder Program Example

  16. Deleting a Mounted Folder Program Example

  17. Windows Master File Table (MFT)

  18. Master File Table Program Example 1

  19. Master File Table Program Example 2: Reading and Dumping the Deleted Files

  20. Master File Table Program Example 3: Using Non-Windows Types

  21. Listing the Deleted Files from Master File Table (MFT)

  22. Another Day, Another MFT Program Example: List, Recover and Delete the Deleted Files from Master File Table

  23. ...Continue: Adding the ntfs.h header file to the project

  24. ...Continue: Deleting permanently the deleted file & Windows Master Boot Record (MBR)

  25. Volume Management Reference

    1. Volume Management Functions

    2. Volume Management Control Codes

    3. Volume Management Structures


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