The Windows Processes & Threads Win32 Programming







Windows Threads and Process Synchronization






What do we have in this session?

This is an introduction to Windows process and thread programming. It tries to explain the process, thread, User-Mode Scheduling (UMS), multitasking, fibers, jobs, Thread local storage and others that related to Windows process and thread.

  1. Brief Intro

  2. Processes and Threads


    Advantages of Multitasking

    When to Use Multitasking

    Multitasking Considerations

  3. Scheduling

  4. Scheduling Priorities

    Priority Class

    Priority Level

  5. Base Priority

  6. Context Switches

    Priority Boosts

    Priority Inversion

  7. Multiple Processors

  8. Thread Affinity

    Thread Ideal Processor

    NUMA Support

    NUMA Support on Systems With More Than 64 Logical Processors


  9. Thread Ordering Service

  10. Multimedia Class Scheduler Service

    Registry Settings

    Thread Priorities

    Processor Groups

    Multiple Threads

  11. Creating Threads (With Code Example)

  12. Thread Stack Size

  13. Thread Handles and Identifiers

    Suspending Thread Execution

    Synchronizing Execution of Multiple Threads

    Multiple Threads and GDI Objects

  14. Thread Local Storage

  15. Creating Windows in Threads

    Terminating a Thread

    How Threads are Terminated

  16. Thread Security and Access Rights

  17. Protected Processes





    Child Processes

  1. Creating Processes (With Code Example)

  2. Setting Window Properties Using STARTUPINFO

  3. Process Handles and Identifiers

    Process Enumeration

    Obtaining Additional Process Information

  4. Inheritance

  5. Inheriting Handles

    Inheriting Environment Variables

    Inheriting the Current Directory

  6. Environment Variables

  7. Terminating a Process

  8. How Processes are Terminated

    Process Working Set

    Process Security and Access Rights

  9. Protected Processes

  10. Thread Pools

    Thread Pool Architecture

    Best Practices

  11. Job Objects

  12. User-Mode Scheduling

    UMS Scheduler

    UMS Scheduler Thread

    UMS Worker Threads, Thread Contexts, and Completion Lists

    UMS Scheduler Entry Point Function

    UMS Thread Execution

    UMS Best Practices

  13. Fibers

  14. Fiber Local Storage

    Creating Processes Program Example

  15. Creating Threads Program Example

  16. Creating a Child Process with Redirected Input and Output Program Example

  17. The Child Process Program Example

  18. Changing Environment Variables Program Examples

  19. Environment Variables: Example 1

  20. Environment Variables: Example 2

  21. Environment Variables: Example 3

  22. Using Thread Local Storage Program Example

  23. Using Fibers Program Example

  24. Using the Thread Pool Functions Program Example (Vista/Server 2008)

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