This site hosts two repository of Win32 using C programming language tutorials with program sample codes. The first link is the C programming based on the Unicode standard while the second links is the C programming based on the ANSI standard. The libraries used are similar and the latest standard can be found at ISO/IEC 9899:2018. Other standards also available at various sites which started as K&R C, ANSI C etc.

The tutorials provide working program examples on how to do the Windows Win32 programming. The ANSI C and Unicode version using the Microsoft Win32 library and it is the user point of view Windows system programming. Those program examples related to the Windows system such as Windows device driver development using Windows Driver Kits (WDK) and Windows socket (network) using Winsock 2 library also included though just for beginners. The site navigation is three layers: Main topics, sub-topics and the sample code pages. The sample codes provided with the sample outputs to make sure the codes used are working. Hopefully, you will be 'expert' in the Win32 Windows modules programming after completing these tutorials. Let start to program now!


  1. Win32 hands-on programming tutorials (unicode version)
  2. Win32 hands-on programming tutorial (ANSI)
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