This site hosts two informative parts which concern on the practical of doing the installation, setup and configuration of the user application software on using computer and the practical approach of the Win32 programming using C. The first part just a repository of the users experience (beginners to advanced) which found in the Internet domain. The real user experience should demonstrate the real steps that should be followed.

Because of the diverse environments of the application software installations, setups and configurations, it is very 'difficult' to find the non-unique situations in completing those tasks. The routines include installing Windows and Linux OSes, application software such as Office suite, database and many more.

The second part provide working program examples on the Win32 programming. This is the Unicode version using the Microsoft Win32 library and it is the user point of view Windows system programming. Closely related topics to Windows system such as Windows device driver development using Windows Driver Kits (WDK) and Windows socket (network) using Winsock 2 library also included though just for beginners. The programming language used is C. The following links go straight to the mentioned parts. For Win32 code and program examples, the navigation is three layers: Main topics, sub-topics and the sample code pages.





The Win32 programming tutorial using C: The practical approach (Unicode version)


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