The Windows Services Win32 Programming






What do we have in this session?


Windows service is another way on how to run Windows executable. In this tutorial we will learn how to create, initialize, start, stop, pause and delete Windows service. We will also learn how to modify and control Windows services...

  1. Brief Introduction

  2. Service Changes for Windows Vista

  3. Introduction on Windows Services

  4. Service Control Manager

  5. Database of Installed Services

  6. Automatically Starting Services

  7. Starting Services on Demand

  8. Service Record List

  9. SCM Handles

  10. Service Programs

  11. Service Entry Point

  12. Service ServiceMain Function

  13. Service Control Handler Function

  14. Receiving Events in a Service

  15. Multithreaded Services

  16. Services and the Registry

  17. Services and Redirected Drives

  18. Redirected Drives on Windows 2000

  19. Service Trigger Events

  20. Service Configuration Programs

  21. Service Installation, Removal, and Enumeration

  22. Service Configuration

  23. Configuring a Service Using SC




  1. Service Control Programs

  2. Service Startup

  3. Service Control Requests

  4. Service User Accounts (SUA)

  5. LocalService Account

  6. NetworkService Account

  7. LocalSystem Account

  8. Interactive Services

  9. Interacting with a User from a Service Indirectly

  10. Using an Interactive Service

  11. Service Security and Access Rights

  12. Access Rights for the Service Control Manager

  13. Access Rights for a Service

  14. Debugging a Service

  15. Using Services: Program Examples

  16. Service Program Tasks

  17. Service Configuration Program Tasks

  18. Service Control Program Tasks

  19. Writing a Service Program's main Function Example

  20. Writing a ServiceMain Function Example

  21. Writing a Control Handler Function Example

  22. Installing a Service Example

  23. Deleting a Service Example

  24. Changing a Service's Configuration example

  25. Querying a Service's Configuration Example

  26. Starting a Windows Service Example

  27. Stopping a Windows Service Example

  28. Modifying the DACL for a Windows Service Example

  29. A Complete Windows Service Working Program Example

  30. Creating a New Console Application

  31. Creating a Message File (Generating DLL, Headers and Other Files)

  32. Linking the DLL File

  33. Adding the C++ Source File

  34. Building the Project

  35. Adding New Project for Windows Service Configuration Application

  36. Running and Testing the Windows Service Configuration Application

  37. Adding New Project for Windows Service Control Application

  38. Running and Testing the Windows Service Control Application

  39. Another Program Example on How to Stop Windows Service


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