The Windows Process Status Helpers APIs Programming






What do we have in this session?


This short tutorial demonstrates the use of the Windows process status helpers APIs. Those APIs used to extract the Windows process and thread inforamtion.

  1. Introduction

  2. Process Information

  3. Module Information

  4. Device Driver Information

  5. Process Memory Usage Information

  6. Working Set Information

  7. Memory-Mapped File Information

  8. Using PSAPI: Program Examples

  9. Enumerating All Processes Program Example

  10. Enumerating All Modules For a Process Program Example

  11. Enumerating All Device Drivers in the System Program Example

  12. Collecting Memory Usage Information For a Process Program Example

  13. Taking a Snapshot and Viewing Processes

  14. PSAPI Reference

    1. PSAPI Functions

    2. PSAPI Structures


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