The Win32 Network Management APIs Programming









Note: It is advised all the program examples in this session should be tested in the Windows's domain based and active directory network. You can use the computer labs that are equipped with the private network and having Windows domain and active directory installed and configured. The program examples include users and groups, computer account, workstation, server, session and share.


What do we have in this session?

  1. Intro

  2. Run-Time Requirements

    What's New in Network Management?

    Windows 7

    Windows Server 2003

    Windows XP

    Network Management Function Groups

  3. Alert Functions

  4. ApiBuffer Functions

    Directory Service Functions

  5. Distributed File System (DFS) Functions

  6. DFS Functions List

    Obsolete Functions

    Distributed File System Structures

  7. Get Functions

  8. Group Functions

    Local Group Functions

  9. Message Functions

  10. NetFile Functions

    Remote Utility Functions

    Replicator Functions

  11. About Export and Import Servers

  12. About the File Replicator Service

    Replicator Configuration Functions

    Replicator Export Directory Functions

    Replicator Import Directory Functions

  13. Schedule Functions

  14. Server Functions

    Server and Workstation Transport Functions

  15. Session Functions

  16. Share Functions

    Statistics Functions

    Use Functions

    User Functions

  17. User Modal Functions

  18. Workstation and Workstation User Functions

    Requirements for Network Management Functions on Active Directory Domain Controllers



  19. Requirements for Network Management Functions on Servers and Workstations

  20. Queries


    Mapping ADSI Interfaces to the Network Management Functions

    Network Management Data

    Network Management Function Buffers

    Network Management Function Buffer Lengths

    API Data Alignment

    DFS Server Target Prioritization

    DFS Server Target Prioritization

  21. Embedded Strings

  22. Enumeration Resume Handles

    Function Status

    NLS Support

    Parameter Error Reporting

    RPC Buffer Allocation Errors

    Obsolete Information Fields

    Using Network Management: Program Examples


    Looking Up a User's Full Name Program Example

  1. Another Get User Information Program Example

  2. Forcing a User to Change the Logon Password Program Example

  3. Changing Elements of User Information Code Snippet Example

  4. Setting the User Password, Level 1003 Code Snippet Example

    Setting the User Privilege, Level 1005 Code Snippet Example

    Setting the User Home Directory, Level 1006 Code Snippet Example

  5. Setting the User Comment (Description) Field, Level 1007 Code Snippet Example

  6. Setting the User Flags, Level 1008 Code Snippet Example

  7. Setting the User Script Path, Level 1009 Code Snippet Example

    Setting The User Authority Flags, Level 1010 Code Snippet Example

    Setting The User Full Name, Level 1011 Code Snippet Example

  8. Creating a New Computer Account Program Example

  9. Creating a Local Group and Adding a User Program Example

  10. Looking Up Text for Error Code Numbers Program Example

  11. NetUserGetInfo() Function Program Example

  12. NetUserSetInfo() Program Example

  13. NetUserGetGroups() Program Example

  14. NetQueryDisplayInformation() Program Example

  15. NetWkstaGetInfo() Program Example

  16. NetWkstaSetInfo() Program Example

  17. NetWkstaUserGetInfo() Program Example

  18. NetApiBufferAllocate(), NetApiBufferSize(), NetApiBufferReallocate() and NetApiBufferFree() Program Example

  19. NetWkstaUserEnum() Program Example

  20. NetUserModalsGet() Program Example

  21. NetUserModalsSet() Program Example

  22. NetUserAdd() Program Example

  23. NetUserChangePassword() Program Example

  24. NetUserDel() Program Example

  25. NetUserEnum() Program Example

  26. NetQueryDisplayInformation() Program Example

  27. NetUserGetGroups() Program Example

  28. NetUserGetLocalGroups() Program Example

  29. NetUserSetGroups() Program Example

  30. NetShareAdd() Program Example

  31. NetShareCheck() Program Example

  32. NetShareDel() Program Example

  33. NetShareEnum() Program Example

  34. NetShareGetInfo() Program Example

  35. NetShareSetInfo() Program Example

  36. NetSessionDel() Program Example

  37. NetSessionEnum() Program Example

  38. NetSessionGetInfo() Program Example

  39. NetServerDiskEnum() Program Example

  40. NetServerEnum() Program Example

  41. NetServerGetInfo() Program Example

  42. NetServerSetInfo() Program Example

  43. MSDN Network Management Reference

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