Win32 Windows Directory Programming




What do we have in this session?


This tutorial is a continuation from the previous one concentrating on using the Windows APIs related to directory.

  1. Introduction

  2. Creating and Deleting Directories

    Directory Handles

  3. Reparse Points

  4. Reparse Point Tags

    Tag Contents

    Reparse Point Operations

    Re-parse Points and File Operations

  5. Using Directory Management Functions

  6. Changing the Current Directory Program Example

  7. Listing the Files in a Directory Program Example

  8. Moving Directories Program Example

  9. Obtaining Directory Change Notifications Program Example

  10. Retrieving and Changing File Attributes Program Example

  11. Directory Management Reference

    1. Directory Management Control Codes

    2. Directory Management Functions

    3. Directory Management Macros

    4. Directory Management Structures



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