Win32 Windows Disk Programming






What do we have in this session?

This tutorial provide information and program examples on how to manipulate disk/drive in Windows system using Win32 APIs. The information may be repeated for files and directories that are available in the next tutorials.

  1. Introduction

  2. Disk Devices and Partitions

  3. Basic and Dynamic Disks

  4. Basic Disks

    Dynamic Disks

  5. Partition Styles

  6. Master Boot Record

    GUID Partition Table

  7. Detecting the Type of Disk

  8. Defining an MS-DOS Device Name

  9. Managing Disk Quotas

  10. User-level Administration of Disk Quotas

    System-level Administration of Disk Quotas

    Disk Quota Limits

    Disk Quota Interfaces

  11. Disk Management Control Codes

  12. Disk Management Enumeration Types

    MEDIA_TYPE Enumeration Definition


    PARTITION_STYLE Enumeration Definition

    • Constants

    Disk Management Functions

  13. CreateFile() Function

    • Parameters

    • Return Value

  14. Symbolic Link Behavior

  15. Caching Behavior

  16. Files

  17. Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O Handles

    File Streams


    Physical Disks and Volumes

    Changer Device

    Tape Drives

    Communications Resources




  18. Opening a File for Reading or Writing

  19. Example: Open a File for Writing

  20. Example: Open a File for Reading

  21. How Do I Get the Security tab in Folder Properties?

  22. Calling DeviceIoControl() Program Example

  23. DeleteFile() Function

    • Parameters

    • Return Value

    • Remarks

  24. Symbolic link behavior

    Deleting a File Program Example

  25. Another Deleting File Program Example

  26. GetDiskFreeSpace() Function

    • Parameters

    • Return Value

  27. GetDiskFreeSpaceEx() Function Example

    • Parameters

    • Return Value

    Notes on 64-bit Integer Math

  28. Disk Management Interfaces

  29. Disk Management Structures

    Disk Partition Types


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