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Process, Thread, Character Mode, Dynamic Link Library (DLL) & Process Status Helpers














Session 7: Windows Processes & Threads


  1. Creating Threads (With Code Example)

  2. Creating Processes (With Code Example)

  3. Creating Threads Program Example

  4. Creating a Child Process with Redirected Input and Output Program Example

  5. The Child Process Program Example

  6. Changing Environment Variables Program Examples

  7. Environment Variables: Example 1

  8. Environment Variables: Example 2

  9. Environment Variables: Example 3

  10. Using Thread Local Storage Program Example

  11. Using Fibers Program Example

  12. Using the Thread Pool Functions Program Example (Vista/Server 2008)

Session 8: Character Mode Applications


  1. Using the High-Level Input and Output Functions Example

  2. Reading and Writing Blocks of Characters and Attributes Example

  3. Reading Input Buffer Events Example

  4. Clear Screen: Example 1

  5. Clear Screen: Example 2

  6. Scrolling a Screen Buffer's Window Example

  7. Scrolling a Screen Buffer's Contents Example

  8. Registering a Control Handler Function Example




Session 9: Dynamic Link Library (DLL)


  1. Creating a Simple Dynamic-Link Library Example

  2. Using Load-Time Dynamic Linking Example

  3. Using Run-Time Dynamic Linking Program Example

  4. Using Shared Memory in a Dynamic-Link Library Example

  5. Processes that Use the Shared Memory Program Example

  6. Another Example Using Shared Memory

  7. Using Thread Local Storage in a Dynamic-Link Library Program Example

  8. Using the DLL

Session 10: Process Status Helper APIs


  1. Enumerating All Processes Program Example

  2. Enumerating All Modules For a Process Program Example

  3. Enumerating All Device Drivers in the System Program Example

  4. Collecting Memory Usage Information For a Process Program Example

  5. Taking a Snapshot and Viewing Processes


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