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Access Control List (ACL) & Windows Security





Session 17: Windows Access Control List (ACL)















  1. Creating a DACL From a Scratch Program Example

  2. Creating DACL and SACL with the Privilege Program Example

  3. Empty DACL program example: Nobody Can  Access

  4. The NULL DACL Program Example: Everyone get Full Control

  5. Modifying Existing DACLs of an Object Program Example

  6. Modifying the SACL and Privilege Program Example

  7. Another New DACL Which Does Not Inherit Program Example

  8. Enabling and Disabling Privileges Code Snippet Example

  9. Privilege and SACL Program Example

  10. Searching for a SID in an Access Token Program Example 1




  1. Searching for a SID in an Access Token Program Example 2

  2. Getting the Logon (Session) SID in C++

  3. Finding the Owner of a File Object Program Example

  4. Taking Object Ownership Program Example

  5. SID conversion: String-to-Binary-to-String Program Example

  6. Log on a user to a machine Program Example

  7. A Simple Impersonation Program Example

  8. Creating a Security Descriptor from Scratch for a New Object, a Registry key Code Example

  9. Validate User Credentials on Microsoft Operating Systems Program Example

  10. Creating A Well Known SID Program Example

  11. Retrieving current user and domain names on Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Code Example


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