The Win32 Code Example Index 2

Services & Registry





Session 5: Windows Services


  1. Using Services: Program Examples

  2. Writing a ServiceMain Function Example

  3. Writing a Control Handler Function Example

  4. Installing a Service Example

  5. Deleting a Service Example

  6. Changing a Service's Configuration example

  7. Querying a Service's Configuration Example

  8. Starting a Windows Service Example

  9. Stopping a Windows Service Example

  10. Modifying the DACL for a Windows Service Example


  1. A Complete Windows Service Working Program Example

  2. Linking the DLL File

  3. Building the Project

  4. Running and Testing the Windows Service Configuration Application

  5. Adding New Project for Windows Service Control Application

  6. Running and Testing the Windows Service Control Application

  7. Another Program Example on How to Stop Windows Service

  8. Exceptions Handling Examples


Session 6: Windows Registry


  1. Enumerating Registry Subkeys Program Example

  2. Creating the Registry Subkey and Value Program Example

  3. Deleting Registry Key with Subkeys Program Example

  4. Determining the Registry Size Program Example

  5. Querying the Registry Value Program Example



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