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NetWkstaGetInfo() Program Example


The NetWkstaGetInfo() function returns information about the configuration of a workstation. The following code sample demonstrates how to retrieve information about the configuration elements for a workstation using a call to the NetWkstaGetInfo() function. The sample calls NetWkstaGetInfo(), specifying information level 102 (WKSTA_INFO_102). If the call succeeds, the sample prints information about the workstation. Finally, the code sample frees the memory allocated for the information buffer.

Create a new empty Win32 console application project. Give the project name and change the project location is needed.


NetWkstaGetInfo() Program Example:  Creating new Win32 C++ console application project using Visual C++


Then, add the source file and give it a suitable name.


NetWkstaGetInfo() Program Example: Adding new C++ source file to the existing project


Then, add the following source code.


#ifndef UNICODE

#define UNICODE



#pragma comment(lib, "netapi32.lib")


#include <stdio.h>

#include <windows.h>

#include <lm.h>


int wmain(int argc, wchar_t *argv[])


   DWORD dwLevel = 102;

   LPWKSTA_INFO_102 pBuf = NULL;

   NET_API_STATUS nStatus;

   LPWSTR pszServerName = NULL;


   wprintf(L"Usage: %s [\\\\ServerName]\n", argv[0]);

   wprintf(L"If the server name not supplied, default to local computer\n\n");


   // Check command line arguments.

   if (argc > 2)


      fwprintf_s(stderr, L"Usage: %s [\\\\ServerName]\n", argv[0]);




   // The server is not the default local computer.

   if (argc == 2)

      pszServerName = argv[1];


   // Call the NetWkstaGetInfo function, specifying level 102.

   nStatus = NetWkstaGetInfo(pszServerName,dwLevel,(LPBYTE *)&pBuf);


   // If the call is successful, print the workstation data.

   if (nStatus == NERR_Success)


      wprintf(L"NetWkstaGetInfo() is OK!\n");

      wprintf(L"\n\tPlatform: %d\n", pBuf->wki102_platform_id);

      wprintf(L"\tName:     %s\n", pBuf->wki102_computername);

      wprintf(L"\tVersion:  %d.%d\n", pBuf->wki102_ver_major, pBuf->wki102_ver_minor);

      wprintf(L"\tDomain:   %s\n", pBuf->wki102_langroup);

      wprintf(L"\tLan Root: %s\n", pBuf->wki102_lanroot);

      wprintf(L"\t# Logged On Users: %d\n", pBuf->wki102_logged_on_users);



   // Otherwise, indicate the system error.



        wprintf(L"NetWkstaGetInfo() failed!\n");

        fwprintf_s(stderr, L"A system error has occurred: %d\n", nStatus);



   // Free the allocated memory.

   if (pBuf != NULL)



   return 0;



Build and run the project. The following screenshot is a sample output.


NetWkstaGetInfo() Program Example: A sample console program output





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