The Win32 Code Example Index 5

Window Station & Desktop, Winsock 2 & Windows Driver Kits (WDK)





Session 13: Window Station & Desktop


  1. CreateProcessAsUser() Window Stations and Desktops Program Example

  2. Starting an Interactive Client Process in C++ Working Program Example


Session 14: An Introduction to Winsock 2


  1. Server Program Example

  2. Client Program Example

  3. TCP Receiver/Server With select() Example

  4. TCP Sender/client Program Example

  5. Testing the TCP Client and Server Programs

  6. Testing the TCP Client and Server Programs in Private Network

  7. Connectionless Communication

  8. Receiver

  9. Sender

  10. Running Both the UDP Receiver/Server and UDP Sender/Client

  11. Testing the UDP Client and select Server Programs in Private Network




Session 15: An introduction to Windows Driver Kits (WDK)


  1. Installing the WDK

  2. Installing Symbols Package

  3. Starting WinDbg

  4. Verifying WDK Installation

  5. Steps on Using WDK and Building Windows Driver from Code Sample

  6. Building a Windows Driver Sample

  7. Installing/Registering a Driver

  8. Starting a Driver

  9. Viewing Driver Output

  10. Unloading a Driver

  11. Print Devices: Generic Text-Only Driver Sample


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