Debugging ReactOS 7









The topics covered in this session are:

  1. Resetting the Terminal

  2. Using Windows HyperTerminal



Resetting the Terminal


To clear the console, select Reset Terminal menu.


Debugging ReactOS: reseting the putty terminal for new debug messages



Using Windows HyperTerminal


If all the configuration is fine, you can also use Windows HyperTerminal to see the debug messages. Launch Windows HyperTerminal.














Debugging ReactOS: Launching Windows HyperTerminal


Give the connection name and select the icon. Click OK.


Debugging ReactOS: Giving the HyperTerminal connection name and icon


Set the connection port to COM32. Click OK.


Debugging ReactOS: Setting the HyperTerminal serial port to COM32


Set the bits per second (bps) and others as shown below. Click OK.















Debugging ReactOS: Configuring the HyperTerminal serial port


Leave the HyperTerminal console open and restart ReactOS in debug mode. Then, the debug message should be visible.


Debugging ReactOS: the ReactOS debug messages seen through HyperTerminal


Well, hopefully you will 'expand' the ReactOS exploration by yourself.







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