Building ReactOS 12










The topics that will be covered in this hands-on session are:


  1. Adjusting the Build Configuration

  2. Adding Modules to the Build Process




Adjusting the Build Configuration


In the base of the working copy, you will find a file called config.template.rbuild. This is one of the configuration files for RBuild, the custom build system. The RBuild file references can be found at RBuild File Reference. RBuild is used to generate makefiles for compiling ReactOS and its various components. It uses a XML schema to describe the various source files and dependencies each component needs. RBuild is intended to be platform independent and be able to generate makefiles for various compiler families ranging from GCC to MSVC. If you don't have a config.rbuild file, then the defaults in this file, config.template.rbuild, will be used instead.


Download and install ReactOS build environment: Launching the vreport, the config.template.rbuild file for custom build



To create custom build file, make a copy of this file as config.rbuild and open it in an editor. Each option is commented with a short description of what it does. Adjust the file to your requirements and save it. Additionally RosBE has a tool called config, which does all the work for you by asking you for the settings you want and automatically generating the config files.


Download and install ReactOS build environment: the custom build file generator using config tool


Adding Modules to the Build Process


There are several modules you can add to the build process. For example rosapps contains some additional applications not included by default. The page Building Modules describes which modules exist and how to add them to the build process.










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